The name of each room a dream two of the song.

各部屋 夢二の唄の名前です。

Over lamps and if Corot
Clean sad gently Namidagumeru heart in the window Chikaki of Aoba of wind Yurakago while to my loneliness Naru spirit face to Goeika of today there keri Gate pickled also is accustomed have to sleep as infants. Clean sad keri to be me today. If time and Kinparo lights

R1ー灯ともし頃ー 清く悲しく今日もありけり 門づけの御詠歌に わが孤独なる霊は顔へつつ 窓近き青葉の風の揺籠に やさしく涙ぐめる心は 幼児のごとく眠にいるなれ。 清く悲しく今日もくれにけり。


Over Barukon
Cry Mahoshi of evening visited with you farewell and etc. Chow According to Rokure to. Kimi to smoke disappear Bosoboso To mortar smoke only mercy in chimney of great mansion. Ginpa Balcon

R9ーばるこんー 泣かまほしさに露暮によれば ちゃうど別れた宵のやう。 偉人屋敷の煙突に 君に情けのうすけむり 身もぼそぼそと消えけむり。

Over flowers my knee
Flowers Mashi Genhi to me. Promise to play unexpected visited with and guarded unexpected people. Flowers Mashi Genhi to me. Stand up to unexpected NOT be hit the person to be with a flower to. Takashima flowers I

R6ー花がわたしにー 花がわたしに言ひました。 約束をまもらぬ人と あそばぬやうに。 花がわたしに言ひました。 たとへ花を持ってさへ 人を打ってはいけませぬ。

Over Weburirufuuru
Also this morning yearning heart also also a good lie if accustomed Makoto Weburifuuru many things to Gentle night the morning of the next Weburifuuru except refers to Sad floor and come like White of light bear to be attracted mourning Bekere are forgotten. Kuroshio Balcon

R4ーゑぶりるふうるー 夜は喪服をひきてすき 白き光のしのびきて かなしき床をさしのぞく ゑぶりふうるのつぎの朝 やさしきことのかずかずも ゑぶりふうるの宵なれば 嘘も誠も慕情も 今朝は忘れてあるべけれ。

Over Hatsu Natsuー
Hatsuhana summer Nayamashiki twilight of the panel of kimono with great smell of volatile oil of Reiro and Ginteki of timbre Takushii to Kakaruyufuzuki the treetops of street trees vaguely to Wakakiko’s first summer of partial portrait to send a healthy sigh Seagull give you broke Balcon

R3ーはつ夏ー はつ夏 ネルのキモノのなやましきたそがれに 街路樹の梢にかかるゆふづきに れいろうと 銀笛の音色 タクシイのキハツ油の匂いをこめて そこはかとなく 健康なためいきをおくる はつ夏の片影に 若き子よ 袂をあげよ


Over spinning wheel over
Quietly Makeyo spinning wheel Kokoroshite enough unexpected tangle tomorrow of spinning wheel of spring. For Shizu Kokoronaki people of quietly Makeyo spinning wheel to Kokoroshite quiet about unexpected turbulence of hair to be solved in Harunoyufube to Makeyo spinning wheel night rice in nuclear sentence of spring. Spinning wheel spinning wheel

R7ー糸車ー しずかにまけよ糸車 春のあしたのいとぐるま もつれぬほどに心して。 しずかにまけよ糸車 春のゆふべにとく髪の みだれぬほどに心して しずかにまけよ糸車 春の夜こめてかく文の しづこころなきひとのため。 

Over green grass over
Always Aoki is sister to the cry of green grass empty blue Utahishi song is to make Te Awase signed a Distant sister by green grass which is not also forget now Kemu Sister to it as the pupil of the child by the mother refers to the hairpin of gold penicil grass Aoki Ya Distant sister of grassland. Nagisa green grass

R2ー青草ー 青草の青きがなかに 妹は 母による子のごとく 瞳には空の青 うたひし歌は いまも忘れぬ 遠き妹よ 青草を結びあはせて つくりけむ あねさまは 金ぼうけの簪をさして いつもの草原に 草は青きや 遠き妹よ。 

Over Tamoto
So if you hide the face is at the edge it will not with the intention was everything hidden. By the way Miss yours looks from the bottom after sinus broke. Remain in also when I wonder of 逢Fu of dew over daughter of Fukajima foot over the field. If Sai. what dandelion fall. Gently Welcome back. Dew Himejima field

R8ーたもとー 袂で顔さへかくしたら それで何もかもかくしたつもりでせう。 ところでお嬢さん あなたのはあとが ほら袂の下から見えますよ。 

Dew over of over field
I wonder of the remains of the daughter also when 逢Fu. If Sai. what dandelion fall. Gently Welcome back. Dew Himejima field


娘のままで またいつ逢ふのやら。 さいなら。 たんぽぽが散るもの。 そっとお帰り。